Land is one of the most important elements and sources of wealth for a country to thrive in economically, environmentally and socially. Land administration and development can have serious implications on our economy if not governed properly.

Malaysia has indeed seen progress in delivering efficient land administration services but there are still issues that need to be addressed to ensure a more reliable and affordable access to information on land rights, ownership, accessibility, administration and laws so our country can grow its land markets and function not only as an economic driver for the country but for reasons that promote social stability and healthy investments.

Themed “Issues in Modern Land & the Way Forward, the 5th Malaysia Land Conference is looking forward to deliver an extensive line-up that assembles many of the critical issues and demanding topics that really begs hard questions. At the conference, presenters will deal with various topics likely to arise from…
Hence, it proves opportunity and exclusive platform to bring together Top Class C-level executives and experienced practitioners from land matter solution providers, global corporations, government bodies, and government linked industries nationwide.




• Perspectives from Land Authority, Developers, Valuers, Investors, Legal Experts and all stakeholders in the Malaysian land and property market
• Significant exposure on current issues with regards to land matters in our country and the way forward
• Comprehensive coverage on the latest land regulatory and compliance issues
• Detailed discussion on what can be expected in respect to land and property following the new government
• Opportunity to learn, network and make deals with industry peers and renowned industry leaders


The 5th Malaysia Land Conference is an all-inclusive, comprehensive platform that aims to foster dialogue and sharing by all related professionals in the nation who will be engaged to focus on current issues, progress and the next steps with respect to land issues. What you, as the delegate can expect to take away from the conference are as follows:

• The progress in land laws & regulations
• Gaining perspective about the issues faced in real estate market
• Equipping you with knowledge about fraudulent land dealings
• Learning legal issues surrounding the alienation of land
• A revisit on Malay Reserve Land Law (MRL)
• Taking away valuable insight from key experts about future predictions
• What becomes of the Native Customary Law?
• Identifying problems in affordable housing
• Looking at Malaysia at large—are we a hotspot for land disputes?
• Understanding the role of developers in land related matters
• A beneath the surface analysis of underground land issues
• The top 10 developer financial characteristics and land acquisition models


This conference is specifically tailor made for top level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CIOs, Heads, President, VPs, Directors, GMs and senior personnel including Local Government, Agencies & Authorities as well as the following:

• Business Development Manager
• Fund Managers
• Investment Executives (Financial Institutions)
• Real Estate Valuers
• Land Surveyors
• Land Lawyers
• Financiers and lenders (Banking Institutions)
• Quantity Surveyors

In related industries such as:
• Properties and real estate industry
• Property Valuing/ Surveying Industry
• Law firms/ Architect firms
• Insurance/ Banking Industry
• Academic & Research Institutions
• Organizations/ Government Ministries

As well as from various industries