PROTEGE Softskills Training


Program Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneur (PROTÉGÉ)






Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTÉGÉ) launched on January 28, 2019 is an entrepreneurial training and marketplace training program. This program is to develop and to guide youths in collaboration with industry experts in the effort to create more competitive and ready job marketers as well as skilled job seekers to meet current industry Needs.




Cultivate youth potential through enhancing entrepreneurial and professional skills to add value to the national economy through job opportunities or entrepreneurship




At the end of this program, the PROTEGE:

  • Will be exposed to group and individual challenges, assignments, discussions, quizzes, games, lectures and presentations.

  • Will also go through a host of surveys and profiling tools that will give great insights into their leadership capabilities, communication skills, prioritization abilities and their personality.

  • Will have a better path in managing time, making decisions and solving problems as individually and in team efforts.





1)  Communication and Networking Skills

  • To develop participants on master basic skills in Business Communication using English either in writing and also speech. The skills to expand the network of contacts



2)  Creative and Analytical Thinking

  • To improve the participants' thinking skills creatively, critically and analytically in decision making.



3)  Value Driven Professional

  • To develop participants to become professionals who have positive values such as leadership, integrity and constantly improve themselves and the team.



4)  Organizational Adaptability

  • Adapt participants to a live working environment within the organization including the adoption of positive company values



5)  Grooming and Etiquette

  • Improving the appearance of participants according to the corporate image as well as ethics and protocol at work or at official functions



6)  Entrepreneurship 101

  • Equip entrepreneurs with the tools and inspiration they need to start and grow a successful business.

  • Build a culture of entrepreneurship



7)  Environment Sustainability and Social Impact

  • Encourage participants to become professionals either as entrepreneurs or employees who care about the conservation and preservation of the environment and wildlife and always give a positive impact to the surrounding community in any decision that will be made. Carrying out proper investigation and handling proper domestic inquiry.





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