Building defects are physical problems found in the infrastructure or outer finish of a building. Building defects arise through inappropriate or poor design, specification and construction as well as to insufficient attention given to building maintenance. Such faults may have been present since the beginning, or more commonly may find their trigger later down the track due to a fault in the original construction or design of the building.

With that in mind, the question of the day is, how does Malaysia ensure that its buildings are safe to live /work in? Property defects and building safety have been major concerns for many years in Malaysia. However, it has been brought to greater attention after the tragedies that have occurred and endangered, as well as even taken the lives many unsuspecting individuals.
Comfori’s second Building Defects & Safety Conference 2018 will deliver a solution-driven agenda that is a one-stop centre for building safety and design professionals to learn about the latest protocols needed to keep buildings safe and meet and maintain compliance with accepted codes and standards in Malaysia. The Building Defects & Safety Conference 2019 brings professionals from the built environment including architects, engineers, along with plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas, building and fire safety professionals to make it easier to exchange critical information on the latest technologies for building a safer, and more resilient world.




• Receive an overview on property defects and building safety issues in Malaysia
• Gain the opportunity to engage with top professionals
• Discover new knowledge on exploring preventive measures in the various defects issues in Malaysia
• Discuss significant issues that have occurred in the construction industry
• Assess the future prospects of Building Maintenance in Malaysia


The Building Defects & Safety Conference 2019 is an all-inclusive, comprehensive platform that aims to foster dialogue and sharing by all related professionals in the nation who will be engaged to focus on current issues, progress and the next steps with respect to building defects and maintenance. Participants can expect to:

• Gain insight on property defects and building safety issues in Malaysia
• Discover key causes and real case studies about defects and respective prevention methods
• Learn legal issues surrounding property defects and their respective amendments
• Identify remedial techniques for a healthier building
• Create new networks, build new relationships, and join discussions with some of the leading experts the Maintenance and Facilities industry



This conference is specifically tailor made for top-level decision makers such as CEOs, COOs, HODs, VPs, Directors, GMs and Senior Managers including Local Government Agencies and Authorities from related Industries such as:
• Facilities
• Assets
• Architecture
• Maintenance
• Operations
• Engineering
• Properties management
• Consultants
• Civil
• Commercial building industries
- Office buildings
- Shopping malls
- Hotels
- Hospitals
- Educational institutions

• Industrial building industries
- Factories cum offices
- Power plants

As well as various related building types


  NFrancis Leopold Amptmeijer                                        Kuan You Wai                                             Noor Hasnol Osman


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   Dr. Payam Shafigh                                          Joshua Kang                                                        Dr Mohamad Rizal Baharum


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    Dr. Zack Lim E.H.                                          Ar. Anthony Lee Tee                                     Ir. Hj. Nuril Azmi Muslimin 


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    Khairul Anuar Mohd. Nayan                           Mohamad Aliasman bin Morshidi              Chris Tan           


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