For as long as civilisation progresses, the role of cities too will continue to evolve in order to better serve humanity. Urbanisation and sustainability are very real occurrences in our society today and the challenges we face in developing our property, landscapes and cities are very prominent; it is a global phenomenon and Malaysia is no exception.

Malaysia has long been identified as a promising hub for urban development across Asia; however, to transition to a sustainable and decarbonized pathway, many barriers need to be addressed such as low economic density, negative environmental impacts due to urban sprawl, the insufficient unification of policies that has negatively impacted urban and spatial planning, and lastly, financial and technical constraints.

Taking into account that land is a scare resource, it is hence crucial for the strategies to develop urban land to be done efficiently and feasibly with sustainability in mind and in conjunction with the national development objectives. In addition to existing plans and policies, the emergence of Covid-19 and future health threats will also shape future planning, as it has exacerbated the problems that were already lingering in our townships.


This is where property master planning comes into play; it forms the foundation of each site development by synthesising all elements that would make it liveable, to support a sustainable infrastructure. A good masterplan not only looks at long-term environmental and economic success but the liveability and harmony of its communities.


This November, Comfori brings you another can’t miss conference as part of our Property series: The Property Masterplan & Sustainability Conference 2020, which aims to explore how our property and urban landscape is expected to fare amidst the pandemic and beyond, bringing the brightest minds and top experts under a single roof to reanalyse current development plans and the externalities that need to be addressed as we work towards the SDG vision.




·        Receive an economic update on the current market conditions following Covid-19

·        Discover effective master planning strategies for changing needs and project requirements

·        Learn new trends and gain perspectives from multiple angles from property experts and urban futurists

·        Engage, network and share knowledge on transforming urban spaces into better places to live in




·        Can Malaysia be a Regional Model  for Sustainable Property Development Under the New Kuala Lumpur Masterplan 2040?

·        Land Use Planning and Property Development: Factors Affecting Urban Housing Development

·        Panel Discussion: Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Creating an Urban Realm of Connectivity & Liveability

·        How Will SDG2030 Influence Property Development and Township Master-Planning?

·        The Feasibility between Development and Infrastructure in Master-Planning

·        The Utopia Of Co-Living—Will It Catch on in Malaysia?

·        Modern Township Planning: How it Could Change the Delivery of Affordable Housing in a Profitable Way While Building Conducive Communities

·        Navigating Covid-19:  A Painful Disruption, But Can It Also Create Long-Term Opportunities?

·        Panel Discussion: Smart Cities & New Urbanism: Leveraging On Master Plan Towards Shared Prosperity Vision 2030

·        Reinvention of “Roof Over The Head”: The Role Of Developers In Creating Sustainable Living In The New Normal

·        Financing the Transition towards Sustainable Developments

Reimagining and Restrategising the Property Sector: The Way Forward


The Property Masterplan & Sustainability Conference 2020 will bring together Property Developers, State Developers, Town Planners, Architects, Financial Officers, Valuation Officers and Researchers from various corporate companies, private and government sectors, education institutions as well as any other establishments that are relevant to the field.